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Re: frame extensions part number

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:42 am
by bram_r
spallet wrote:
Chris wrote:Mauricio, you may be thinking of some kind or extension for the rear bumpers with integrated tail lights.

Yes Chris that’s it,,,

You mean like these single cabs 290GD's have on the rear? ... benz-290gd
These are bolt on extensions to set the rear bumper back some distance.

Here's a VIN for such a G (250GD Sanikoffer):

Or here:

And here's a such a set if this is what you mean (sold by now):

gr. Bram

Re: frame extensions part number

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:45 am
by bram_r
offroad-world wrote:
spallet wrote:I think there are some brackets that you can add to extend the back of the frame in order to support a longer tray..

it is not legal to make this work in germany , MB will not allow you to weld on their chassis because of crash test safety , parts like that at not avail . many people don`t care and weld what they want ! there is a paper from MB that it is only allowed to weld outside the ladder , like bodymounts , shock absorber mounts and coul spring mounts and these are avail as spares .

mfg. guido .

I think in the Netherlands you can do frame welding and repairs without too much trouble if you weld outside of the axle mounts. So any rusted frame parts in front of front axle or behind rear axle would be legal.
So stretching the wheelbase would require a specialist company or additional inspections and can't be done by an average person.

gr. Bram