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OM602 single mass flywheel

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OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#1 » Sat May 16, 2020 6:59 am

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of converting my G290TD from automatic to manual. The manual transmission is a 711.113 and most other parts were gathered over time from various W460s by a buddy of mine. Parts wise I thought we were all set but we got a surprise last week. The flywheel used with the automatic transmission has two sets of teeth: the usual ring gear and another which only contains 5 tabs (left of picture below). The manual flywheel that was going in my truck doesn't have these 5 tabs (right).


So I'm looking for a manual flywheel for a single-mass clutch with these 5 tabs. I initially posted the above in the classifieds forum but the answers I got suggested that what I'm looking for may not exist. I'm posting here because it's become more of a technical question, I want to know if anyone's ever seen what I'm looking for and if you have some info that could help me find it. I've searched several models in the EPC but the drawings do not show the tabs even when I look at the automatic flywheel that was put in my truck at the factory! So this is useless and I don't have much to google for.

I am somewhat confident that it exists since Vadim who sold me the transmission has this very flywheel installed on his truck except its got 6 tabs. It may be that MB did it only for 6 cylinders but this seems unlikely no?

Here is another pic which shows different views of the automatic flywheel.

dmfom602.jpg (94.21 KiB) Viewed 224 times


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Fernando BR
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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#2 » Sat May 16, 2020 8:07 am

If yours is 602.983(602DELA) of 290GDT , you do have VE injetion pump .
Option 1 - diesel meken mechanic VE ( or others) .In this case you may use wolf flywheel,
290GD is dualmass(you can use too)
Option 2 check what MB did on sprinter that used 602.984 engine
Option 3 found a 5sp auto i believe 290GDT used 4sp(not sure about diff relations)

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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#3 » Sat May 16, 2020 9:43 am

Excellent ideas Fernando! Here is a single-mass flywheel for the Ssanyong motor from 1999-2005. I can't see the tabs but it's in a plastic bag, so not clear.
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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#4 » Sat May 16, 2020 12:13 pm

Fernando BR wrote:If yours is 602.983(602DELA) of 290GDT , you do have VE injetion pump .
Option 1 - diesel meken mechanic VE ( or others) .In this case you may use wolf flywheel,
290GD is dualmass(you can use too)
Option 2 check what MB did on sprinter that used 602.984 engine
Option 3 found a 5sp auto i believe 290GDT used 4sp(not sure about diff relations)

To add to option 2: The e-class got the 290TD engine as well and had a manual trans behind it.

gr. bram
'experience is what you have, just after you needed it..'

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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#5 » Sat May 16, 2020 2:57 pm

You can relocate the tabs and the crank speed sensor onto your harmonic balancer. I've done a similar thing on a m103 gas engine which uses 3 tabs for spark timing. All you have to do is drill and tap holes into the balancer and thread in hex head bolts. Once you make a simple bracket to hold the sensor in place within 2mm from the bolts you will get a good enough signal for tach or VE pump. M6 10mm hex bolts are plenty of magnetic "meat" for the job.

Since your pump is still timed mechanically it won't even matter if you get the tabs/sensor placed at the same spacing form TDC as original flywheel. It is only a way for the VE computer or the Tach to count engine RPM.

If you're interested I can snap a picture of my M103 balancer.

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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#6 » Sat May 16, 2020 5:09 pm

Thanks guys!

E290TD road:
I prefer the whole thing to be as minimally intrusive as possible so I would prefer to stick to the e290TD flywheel mentioned by bram. Vadim mentioned that possibility previously so I already searched the EPC last week and found 3 different e290TD with a 717 manual transmission but they all had dual mass flywheels (A602 030 22 05).

Sprinter road;
Sprinters are harder to search in the EPC since there are 100s of variations and I'm not familiar with them. I looked at all the variations of 212, 312 and 412 -- seems to be the full list of om602 sprinters -- and they all had dual mass flywheels (A602 030 23 05).

That's kind of why I asked that question here, I searched a lot and just can't find that damn thing! That being said, I'm not very good in the EPC and may have missed something.

If can't find that part I'll have my manual flywheel modified using the automatic as template.

Dual mass:
Fernando, are you saying a dual mass flywheel would work fine with a clutch that was designed to work on a single mass flywheel?

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Fernando BR
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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#7 » Sat May 16, 2020 11:42 pm

No , i am not sure you can use your 711113 tranny with dual mass.
I believe all 290GD used Getrag 717.4 the same tranny used on 190D with 602A engine that uses 717.4 tranny. (602A uses in line ip , indirect injection)
290Gd and turbo sedans (rare mechanical ones) used same flywheel 602 030 09 05 or 18 05 (both dual mass)
But you can try , if you have the correct 711 113 bell adaptor to use 290GD clutch plate, and 290GD flywheel (rare)
Dont know how electrical/electronic VE ip will work with 711 113

Johnny Christensen
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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#8 » Sun May 17, 2020 3:02 am

Generally I don't believe you should be too worried about the dual-mass flywheel as a concept. Yes as two pieces will move in relation to each other - eventually something will wear out and vibrations will happen.
However if you go with a new part, it will be a very long time before this happens.

It dampens the vibrations transmitted by the long stroke 5 cyl engine, cutting down on the stress your gearwheels and bearings will experience in the gearbox, thus being a bit more gentle on the driveline.

Question is, where would you like the vibrations to be absorbed? In your 1000 euro flywheel or in your 2-4000 euro gearbox (when brand new)
What is the easier part for you to swap out, at the first sign of wear?

Just a little food for thought.

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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#9 » Sun May 17, 2020 1:43 pm

To be honest I'm not enough of an expert to have an opinion on single vs dual mass. My buddy who is working on the truck is such an expert and he told me something similar to what you wrote here. So I'm not really against dual mass. I chose single mass because that's what I already had so it was much cheaper. If I decide to use a dual mass I need to buy everything, including a brand new flywheel to avoid future problems... So I'd rather stay with a single mass.

This morning I realized that I had not looked at the flywheels attached to the om605 engine. I used the EPC to find a bunch of new flywheels then searched them online to see if they have the tabs. Again they were either dual mass with the tabs or single mass without the tabs. There were three of them for which I couldn't find a picture: A 605 030 11 05, A 605 030 19 05, A 605 030 24 05. But I've looked at tens of them so I have little hope.

I'll wait a few more days to see if someone magically comes out with the part number and then I'll have my current flywheel modified.

Thanks guys for your help!

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Re: OM602 single mass flywheel

Post#10 » Tue May 19, 2020 9:21 am

The following is a list of 290TD engine variants from EPC. The object here is to mate a 711.113/117 trans to this engine.
    602.980 - Sprinter
    602.981 - U90/U100 flywheel may be SMF: A6020302705 / A6020302605 ( from EPC: for double plate clutch??? )
    602.982 - Sedan
    602.983 - G Wagen

Looks like the Unimog U90/U100 Turbo version flywheel may be SMF attaching to 711.612 trans. You will need to do more investigation. Not much of these models in the market. But prices should be cheap from MB since there aren't much demands.

The other approach is to search: "dmf to smf conversion kit sprinter" and also on ebay. Call the vendors and ask for a kit for a sprinter w/ any of the engine specs above. I dont see much for 290TD but a lot for OM612 ( 270CDI which share the same bell housing shape ). For the OM612 flywheel, it may work but you will need to delete lots of tabs and leave the relevant ones. I assume the tabs line up the same for OM612 / OM602.98x. Here is one: https://www.batenweb.com/index.php?main ... _id=269470 If you look at the flywheel, the tabs are spaced out about every 10mm.

In any case, for the above 2 solutions, You will need 240mm or 260mm diameter clutch w/ 10 splines. BMW has lots of options.

Ripping the current IP and replace w/ a mechanized one is silly. You have one of the sought after G model. I only mechanized my pump since I dont have a stock G w/ 290TD.

If you are welding on the tabs to the flywheel, I would spend the time getting a custom trigger wheel done. It's for the sake of the next owner! Swapping out to another Wolf flywheel should be easier too. Tons of fab vendors around that can do custom trigger wheels ( may be not near you ) It might be OK to have it mounted on the crank before the flywheel if the metal is not too thick and have the tabs bent to create more surface area. Trick is to have the w/ same distance to the pickup sensor ( 2mm gap? )

Most folks go w/ 716.xx trans from a sedan. I have a leftover used DMF flywheel/clutch/pressure plate along with the shifter ( single rod ) after I sold off my 716.xx trans. UK forums should have more infos for the conversion.

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