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How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Any post where the initial author's intention is share information pertaining to parts specific to the G-klasse. This includes information about the parts needed for a certain repair job, or how to find the parts (different suppliers, etc).
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How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#1 » Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:53 pm

Did you know that you can actually order up all the bearings and seals on your G wagens, Pinzguaers, Unimogs, Haflingers, and the rest of those arcane brethren with ease all from your local bearing supply shop?

What's a bearing supply shop doing in my town some might wonder?

Well all sorts of things need bearings, you touch and interact with them every day without even knowing it usually.

So there are bearing shops in most major markets.

Bearing shops typically have some giant shelves loaded with zillions of little boxes of bearings, seals, and other stuff.

How do they tell it all apart?

The same way Mercedes does, Steyr does, your mechanic does.

They use the standardized measurement system for bearings and seals which measures the outside diameter, the inside diameter, and the thickness of the bearing and race as a combo.

They also use standard designation codes that have to do with other variables in teh bearings design and capacity

Does Mercedes make bearings?

Not usually.

Most the time the bearings you buy in little gray boxes with 3 pointed stars on them come from very good OEM manufacturers, much like your G does.

These manufacturers have names like Timken, SKF, GKN, Schaeffler, FAG....on and on.

The good news is you can buy these bearings directly thru your local bearing shop at massively lower prices than thru Mercedes or resellers of car/truck parts.

You can use this handy site to calculate bearing dimensions.

http://www.bearing-king.co.uk/how-to-me ... earing.php

You can also use the dimensions that are printed on the side of the bearing (see photo) or the seal.

But with the bearings on the Gwagen, each bearing has a designation code already assigned to it, which, no matter the maker, it will be the same.

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Re: Get your bearings and seals directly and local (with par

Post#2 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:00 pm

Part numbers (bearing numbers) for the bearings in your differentials

Diff Carrier Side Bearings (each axle requires 2 of each)

SKF K-LM806649 tapered roller


K-LM806610 race

Large Pinion Gear Bearing:

HM 8033110-N (may or may not need the N at the end depending on maker)
KHM 803146

Small Pinion Gear Bearing:

KLM 86649

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#3 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:06 pm

Bearings and seals needed for W460 front axle rebuilds and service

The list of the bearings needed, for instance, for the 460 axle, is below, on the left are the mercedes numbers and prices and on the right are the generic numbers and prices

Outer Wheel Bearing 2 008.981.59.05 ($36) LM503349 + LM503310 ($18)
Inner Wheel Bearing 2 008.981.62.05 ($40) LM300849 + LM300811 ($14)
King Pin Bearing 4 000.981.59.05 ($22) LM11949 + LM11910 ($7)

Outer Bearing Seal 2 007.997.04.47 ($21) 27725 (70x88x10) ($6)
Inner Bearing Seal 2 007.997.03.47 ($18) 22834 (58x80x10) ($4)

Foam Hub seal is often re-usable. Only available from Mercedes unfortunately and is rather expensive, about $28 each.
460 334 02 59 is the mercedes part number, special order from any mercedes dealer, usually in stock in LA and NJ, 2 days out.

Steering Knuckle Swipe Seal is also only MB part: 460 331 01 80
most dealers stock this part or can have it overnight as its is same for all G500, etc

if anyone needs other part numbers to make your ordering easy just let me know

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#4 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:34 am

I was away from my shop notes so I ordered wheel bearings for Christians G using these part numbers yesterday only to find at final assembly that the outer wheel bearing part number listed above is wrong, we must not exclude the all important "A" prefix when ordering this bearing, otherwise it wont fully seat onto the hub and assembly of the axle will be impossible!

The wrong part number is LM503349, and the correct part number is LM503349A

The "A" denotes a larger radius on the inside edge of the roller bearing shell which is required to fully seat onto the hub.

I remember years ago 'Ewalberg' ran into the same issue when replacing his G500 wheel bearings, he purchased the outer wheel bearing without the "A" at the end of the part number and was unable to install the brake caliper due to the outer wheel bearing installation depth being incorrect.

Here is a link to Harald's page which shows the outer WB part number:http://4x4abc.com/Mercedes-Benz.G-Class.manuals/bearingss.html

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#5 » Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:58 pm

be careful with the aftermarket seals - dimensions like 70x88x10 don't provide quite enough information.
you also need to know:

how many lips does it have?
are the lips spring loaded?
is the outer seating metal or rubber?
If rubber, is the outer seating ribbed?
what material is the seal made of - nitrile, viton, etc. ?
These can be important and each of those might add a letter or two the the part number.

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Get rag 717.4 5-speed Seals

Post#6 » Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:09 pm

Here are the seals for the Getrag 717.4 5-speed gearbox. I don't think these are even available through MB so you have to find them aftermarket.
(summarized from post viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3847&hilit=getrag+seals&start=10)

Input shaft seal: TCM Dictomatik TCM 35X52X7VTF
double lipped, viton, spring loaded

Output shaft inner seal: TCM Dictomatik 40X55X10SC-BX

Output shaft outer seal: TCM Dictomatik 35X55X7TC
double lipped, spring loaded

pilot bearing SKF 602 2RSJEM

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#7 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:50 pm

I'm going through some headache with aftermarket parts at my local bearing supply store.

One thing to note - If you order SKF, you may get German parts or possibly Brazilian (or elsewhere) parts. I just discovered fitment problems with a bearing race that was stamped BRAZIL.
The shop can't tell you what you get. In my case, these are special order so I have to purchase what arrives.
However, the guy says I could request FAG bearings - these would cost more but would be of known best quality.

As for seals, the standard seals my shop will get don't seem like very good quality. However, the shop will be happy to order TCM Dictomatik seals --- as long as I can supply a proper part number, they can get it. From my previous experience sourcing and using TCM seals for the Getrag, I think so far that they are very good quality.

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#8 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:26 pm

Please note the correct pinion bearing numbers:

803110 (not 8033110)
86610 (not 8661C)

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#9 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:45 am

Since I had the VG80 from my W460 all cleaned up I decided to replace the shaft seals. The flanges are pressed in tight, make sure you have a big gear puller. Each shaft uses an identical sized pair of seals, the inner is viton, outer is butyl.

Three butyl 40.57.8
Three viton 40.57.8

They were about $5 each at my local bearing shop.

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Re: How to get your bearings and seals directly and locally.

Post#10 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:35 am

Does anyone have the Corteco part numbers for the front hub bearing seals on the w460?

I have two different ones to choose from when ordering the parts.
w460.333 1982 Colorado Beige 300 GD OM617.931

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