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Heater not so much and what rims will fit?

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Re: Heater not so much and what rims will fit?

Post#11 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:32 pm

ontum wrote:Thanks for the replies. And Jonathan I did check out the site with the rims, but had no luck. Did it have the Sprinter Van rims on there?

Well at work today I had to do some brake work on a Sprinter Van. So with the wheels off I threw them on a 280GE that I was also working on, and they fit. Only rims from a single axle though. So I may have to pony up the money for those.



http://forums.offipalsta.com/album.php? ... reid=44991

Those rims are made of Volkswagen LT-35 light truck rims, it is same vehicle that Mercedes Sprinter, but VW`s wheel was little bit cheaper(37.50€/piece vs. sprintter 43€) Ofcourse those are only for offroad use. I think that original 7"x15 Sprinter/LT-35 wheel offset is too narrow for G, but I´m not sure. And if you have cooled brake disc´s, brake caliber might be taken hit with wheel center.

I get more warm air from heater only flushin cooling system with radiator cleaner. I suppose that your car is equipped with code: H80 "heating for northern countries"


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jonathan joseph
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Re: Heater not so much and what rims will fit?

Post#12 » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:10 pm

Yes Sprinter wheels are on the list, the last entry.

Funny I've always thought 928 wheels were cool. There's a set sitting outside a used wheel shop here that I've thought about stopping in and asking for a price on. Anyone know what a used set of Porsche wheels should be worth?


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Re: Heater not so much and what rims will fit?

Post#13 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:25 am

I guess that Porche´s wheel centerhole is too small?
Lot off cars have 5x130, but with 71.6 mm hole. Below link; AudiQ7, Porche, WV Tuareg. But ofcourse it´s possible to modificate 84.1 :)

http://www.nettivanne.fi/vanteet/haku/0 ... 0sanahaku/

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