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Treffen test

Treffen information and updates
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Treffen test

Post#1 » Thu May 07, 2015 10:07 am

Here's the scoop
If you want to come you need to send registration and check made out to Dai Crisp. Send that in an envelope to Mike Serpe who is collecting all the registrations.

Mike Serpe is at
PO Box 232
San Geronimo, CA 94965

Please do not wait to do this because it makes it very hard when a tiny amount of folks have to foot the bill for the event's pottie rental, booze, food, camp prep, rally prep, etc etc.

Treffen 2015: Camp, Rally, and Enjoy!

Information and Details:

Thursday June 18, 2015:
Meet at Obrien, Oregon, at 2pm with full tank of gas, all your gear, water, food for the night in the woods.

Drive the easy route (graded dirt fire roads) out to the backcountry camp called "Sourdough" Distance from Obrien to this camp is about 2 hours. Folks can do this on their own if they cannot get to the group in time and need to come in later, however, please be aware that this is a backcountry location.

Bring appropriate route guidance to be sure you make the correct turns.

Camp at Sourdough, get your rest, tomorrow is a big day.

Friday June 19, 2015:

Wake at Sourdough early.

Driver's meeting at 8:15am center of camp.

Depart on the McGrew Backcountry historic Stagecoach route, Eastward back thru the rough country to O'brien.

Off-road journey time is about 6 hours. Some do it in three, some do it in 2 days. We will aim for 6. There will be lunch stop so be sure to have something packed for breakfast and for lunch on Friday.

In the afternoon: Pop back out of the trail network into village of Obrien, OR.

Go find local gas and air up tires too.

Hit the pavement for the drive up to Dai's farm for the weekend camp and party.

Friday night:
Arrive at the farm (Lumos Vineyard) in Philomath OR, set up camp, dinner will be provided to those as they arrive.

The farm is located at

Lumos Wine Company
Wren Vineyard / Crisp Family Farm
24000 Cardwell Hill Drive
Philomath, OR 97370

Camp out, enjoy campfire banter with your fellow G club families.

Again all these events are kid friendly.... while this is not some redneck yahoo crushed beer can fest its also not a stuck up candle lit dinner so prepare for somewhere in between and you will make out just find and meet some great folks.

Saturday June 20, 2015:

Fun at the farm and possible short driven rally up Mary's Peak, a nearby mountain, with incredible views of the volcanos....Its the highest peak in the coastal range and located very near..... please express your interest if you want to do this.

Informal tech talks and fun for kids, lots to do around the farm, or cruise into gorgeous Corvalis OR and enjoy walking around this darling river-side town.

The Saturday morning farmer's market is a favorite of many who have come to this event in the past.....highly recommended! Bring back home some incredible local varietals. There's usually fun for the kids and live music for free, along the Williamette river.

Saturday night:
Prepare or get your own dinner.
There will be no catered Saturday night dinner this year unless someone wants to organize something???

Bonfire with the best wine in Oregon is however guaranteed!~
Camp under the stars (hopefully) in a gorgeous lawn surrounded by grapes, hills, and gorgeous river valleys that extend out to the sea.

Sunday June 21

Breakfast and morning hang out, shower up, do your thing, pack your camp.....you can stay the day and or depart should you have a long drive back home ahead of you.... see you next year!

Consider staying on, and touring the amazing local coastal areas, Oregon dunes (drive on beaches), wine country, big tree trail, or Portland and Eugene or Ashland....all fun towns.
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Post#2 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:52 pm
Here is the vehicle requirements, and in the next post is the registration information and cost information.

GWagen Prep
- Have the following equipment in your vehicle:

In addition to enough food and water for all your occupants in your vehicle.

We will not be providing food and water, this is your responsibility as are the equipment listed out below.

The items below are not required, but we feel it would make the basis for an off-road kit for such an excursion.

- Recovery Straps
- Tire Pressure Gauge and Deflation Tool (you will NEED to deflate your tires to at least 20 psi or even lower, depending on conditions)
- Spare Tire with Jack and Tools to Change it
- Tire Plug Kit including two tools, the plugs, and the rubber cement
- A FULL Tank of Fuel before the Meeting/Start Time
- A cooler full of food and drinks to get you thru, including lots of drinking water
- Maps and/or GPS
- FRS Radio (optional, to talk among others in the group)
- Jack with large Jack Base
- Toolkit in case of repairs
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Post#3 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:57 pm
Cost: $80 per adult to cover admin and planning costs, camps, etc.

As always, kids under 18 are free, but we encourage a $20 per kid donation.

Send the RSVP and your check to (mail it by May 30, 2015 PLEASE!!:

G-Treffen Farm Event
c/o Mike Serpe / Clubgwagen.com
P.O. Box 232
San Geronimo, CA 94963

Name ______________________________

Mobile Phone Number _____________________________

Email address __________________________

Vehicle _____________________________

Emergency Contact__________________________

Clubgwagen.com Forum name (if any) ________________________

Number of adults in group ________ x $80 = your payment

Number of folks under 18 ________ (free)

Will you be meeting in Obrien to travel with the group to the camp on Thursday at 2pm?


Will you be camping on:

Thursday (at Sourdough Backcountry Camp)________

Are you planning to camp at Sourdough but not arrive with the group (arrive later on your own or with others)?________________________________________

How many will be camping in your party at Sourdough?______________

Friday, are you camping at the farm gathering?_____________________

If so how many will be in your party that night?____________________

and how about on Saturday night(at Lumos Farm)_____________

Are you interested in going on a tame fire road rally up Mary's Peak on Saturday afternoon?
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