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Welcome to Club GWagen! Please read this first.

Please introduce yourself here. A minimum of 3 posts here is required before you can post to the rest of the board.
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Welcome to Club GWagen! Please read this first.

Post#1 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:07 am

Hello, and welcome to Club GWagen. We're glad you've decided to join our community, and hope you enjoy your stay. Please take a moment to fill out your profile/signature with your location, model of G (or other vehicles) owned, interests, etc..

To help minimize the impact of spam bots and the like, you will need to make a minimum of 3 posts here in the New User Introductions section before you are granted access to post to the rest of the forum. Please use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself, let us know what kind of G you have (or are looking for), and meet the rest of the forum.

We are first and foremost a community driven enthusiast group. While some of our members are commercial vendors, we do not yet have official vendor relations in place, and the general rule is that you can sell things here as long as your contribution to the rest of the board exceeds that of your activity in the classifieds. This is currently handled on a case by case basis while we formalize a set of requirements for commercial operations on our site.

A couple forum guidelines to highlight:
Off-Topic - This is used for general non-G conversation, sharing humorous things found elsewhere on the internet, and as a catch-all for other topics. There is one strictly enforced rule for this forum, and that is no politics, and no religion. They are divisive and emotionally driven subjects that have plenty of other outlets that are more suited to their discussion.

G Classifieds - If your only intent here is to sell things or use the forum as a platform to further your business, please post in the Site Support forum first, and I or one of the admin/moderation team will review the situation.

G Tech/DIY Archive - This is a (mostly) read-only area of the site where posts that provide a good technical reference or other important information are archived. This is not an area for general traffic, but if you have a contribution that you feel belongs in one of the posts in that section, please post your reply and it will be flagged and reviewed for moderator approval.

Site Support - Please post support requests or other content you feel requires admin/moderator interaction there. This is the default first-line support area. You may also be able to reach us in the site chat linked in the top bar, but response times vary depending on who is present and/or paying attention to their chat window at any given time.

Scratch Pad - General dumping grounds for test posts, formatting practice, BB code familiarization, etc.. Nothing important happens there.

If you managed to read this far, thanks! We hope you enjoy your stay, and look forward to getting to know you. Keep the shiny side up.
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