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Failed Warrant of Fitness

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Failed Warrant of Fitness

Post#1 » Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:24 pm

WDB46023327021627 failed its warrant of fitness, thus is off the road. At 400,000 miles and 38 years old, I can't complain, but living where I do, I need to order parts before starting the job.

The mechanic wrote:
Remedy play L/F Wheel Bearing & outer tie rod ends.
L/R wheel play
Brake pedal is low + adj.

I presume this means I need to buy
  • left front outer tie rod end
  • left front wheel bearing
  • left rear wheel bearing

Buying parts locally can be absurd. The dealer did not have many of the parts (he said some have never been sold in NZ), but wanted NZ$960 (€570 / US$635) for the L/H tie rod end. On line it seems to be €18 (NZ$30 / US$20) plus shipping. But before I get to ordering, I need help knowing what to buy.

Tie Rod End: For my VIN number, it gives a choice of external (A460 330 12 35) and internal (A602 330 02 35) thread. The one on my 1982 280GE is male thread, so I presume it is an "external "?

The prices of this part is strange

https://spareto.com/products/12831-01-drag-link-end lists it for €18.31 (including VAT) and shipping to NZ €23.47.
https://www.autodoc.co.uk/lemforder/1245605 lists it for £18.78 (€22) (including VAT) and shipping to NZ £146.39 (€171) - almost ten times for shipping

Has anyone used sparto.com?

Then we get to bearings. I hear they are horrible to remove and replace. The Mercedes spec sheet for my VIN lists five tapered roller bearings for the outside

  • A000 982 82 02
  • A008 981 57 05
  • A008 981 59 05
  • A008 981 61 05
  • A008 981 64 05

and four for the inside:

  • A008 981 58 05
  • A008 981 60 05
  • A008 981 62 05
  • A008 981 63 05

I have read https://clubgwagen.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5648 but struggle to work out what it means in ordering the right parts... when I have done it, I will add my own post to pay forward.

Any idea what I need?

I assume I can just get the right ones at a bearing store in Auckland if I know what size to ask for.
Has anyone replaced bearings, or is this a job for shop with bearing presses?

For the rear bearings, MB sells a kit. What do I need? Just the bearing? Gaskets? something else? And from the inspector's cryptic notes, does it need a replacement bearing? What might cause wheel play in the left rear? The inspector just wiggled it top to bottom and it moved a slight bit.

I appreciate advice from those who have been down this road before.

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Re: Failed Warrant of Fitness

Post#2 » Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:01 am

Contact Mercano on the forum here. He may be able to help w RHD parts and delivery.

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Re: Failed Warrant of Fitness

Post#3 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:01 am

I just did this job on my 2000 G500. That price for the tie rod end was probably for the entire track rod with both tie rod ends attached. One end is not removable. I just bought one and the price was $253 from the dealer.

If you're doing bearings you'll need all new seals as well. For the front at a minimum you'll need:
Foam hub flange seal.
Outer wheel bearing seal.
Inner wheel bearing seal.
Swivel ball wipe seal.

I wouldn't say its a horrible job. It just takes a while. I think I spent more time cleaning nasty grime off of parts than I did actually disassembling or reassembling anything. I think setting the wheel bearing clearance was the biggest pain.
- Kyle

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Re: Failed Warrant of Fitness

Post#4 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:18 am

The manual covers how to do the work. Key point, don't mix up the king pin shims. They center the axle in the shaft. Recalculating the correct size/position of the shims is non-trivial.

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