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82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/help

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82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/help

Post#1 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:58 pm


Came home, found petrol tank of 280GE 1982 leaking on garage floor. It was a fairly decent drip-drip on the floor. Pumped out the fuel tank to prevent a fire. Now on inspection, it's hard to see what went wrong, but I think it may be rotten hoses near the fuel pump which is at the bottom of the tank. It's fairly dirty, and before I dig into it and break something, I would appreciate either photos or text that described how the pipes / hoses attach to the fuel pump and how to disassemble them. Also if something is gone, is this a specific MB part, or a cut pressure hose with hose clamps.
1) Is there a good diagram of the hoses and pipes going in and out of the fuel tank and fuel pump that I can look at
2) What parts tend to give out?
3) Are they parts that I have to buy from MB, aftermarket parts or are they like hoses and hose-clamps, something I can make up

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Re: 82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/he

Post#2 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:48 pm

Can't help you on the diagram but in my experience hoses and clamps are as normal as they come. While there might be a few specific parts here and there on a mercedes its very rare in a fuel system. If you're that afraid of messing something up, go the new guy route and buy a digi cam or use your phone and snap photos step by step as you dissasemble. Label hoses and fittings with tape with corresponding numbers or letters and take said pieces to auto supply store and have them match and cut. If you have someone else cut metal fuel lines make sure you take extra care to deburr edges and clean out.

Do your own work and save money for wagen accessories!

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Re: 82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/he

Post#3 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:04 pm

In you're picture there is a little cover plate over the fuel pump. you can take that off and look inside -
there's a stubby large diameter hose connecting the pump to the tank and then theres a smaller hose that goes to the steel fuel line that goes to the engine. I think the smaller one has threaded end connections.

Start poking around until you see where the fuel is coming from. Hopefully, it's just a rubber hose. if the tank is rusted through, then you have a much larger project on your hands.

Measure the hose diameters and buy a bunch of hose and stainless hose clamps and start replacing the brittle old rubber.

I converted to diesel so I replaced all of my old rubber fuel and vent lines with viton lined hose.

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Re: 82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/he

Post#4 » Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:40 am

You may have a leak in the tank itself. Pretty common for dirt/dust to build up between tank protection plate and tank thus keeping moisture between them and making rust (holes). Nothing really difficult here. I am assuming you have a protection plate...I would start there and see what you find. That is, undo the straps holding tank/protection plate and investigate for signs of leakage. It is just a couple of straps and an array of hoses and hose clamps. Hell, it may just be a hose clamp needing tightening.

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Re: 82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/he

Post#5 » Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:57 am

Thanks for the tips... the weather has been so glorious down here, I've been putting off nasty stuff lying on my back in the garage eating dirt dropping from the beast. First challenge will be to locate the various cover plates and straps under the usual grime, and then of course discover that the bolts are seized. I'll keep you posted.

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Re: 82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/he

Post#6 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:53 pm

The good news is the tank is fine. I took the cover plate down and found the hose to the tank from the fuel pump was rotted out. I measured 15mm. Called the largest supply house in Auckland... they said fuel lines come in 12mm (1/2") or 16mm (5/8"). So I ordered both. 12mm would not fit on. 16mm fit, but even clamped to the max it leaked. So I remove the tank cover plate for a second time (and this time chopped a bit out so I don't have to keep removing it) and forced the 12mm on - barely.

Does anyone know what the correct diameter is? I'm not comfortable with the 12 mm.

I also need a set of rear wheel brake cylinders (1982 W460 280GE LWB) and they want NZ$181 each (£92) for OEM (not MB) and it will take two weeks minimum to get them from Singapore. I see them on UK sites for £15 (but with £120 to ship). Anyone know where to buy them in UK or EU with reasonable shipping and what brands to buy vs avoid?

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Re: 82 280GE Leaking hose near tank fuel pump - need pics/he

Post#7 » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:12 am

Rear brakes should be a lot cheaper than that. Have you checked the stealer?

The hose seems to be a really odd size, maybe MB only. I think it's 14mm if I recall, made by Cohline. I believe that hose should be open on one end and has a crimped fitting on the other. It's not very expensive in our part of the world - maybe just buy the MB part and make it right. It lasted this long... Otherwise, it is possible to buy 9/16" hose, whick is 14.3mm. It's not easy to find, but it exists. You can cut off the crimped fitting from your old hose, keep the nipple and use a clamp instead of the crimp, and it should work fine. I've done this hundreds of times. I still recommend the original hose though.

Cheers & good luck

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